15 :: Minhaj Chowdhury, Drinkwell

The arsenic water crisis affects over 200 million people around the globe. In fact, the World Health Organization calls it the largest mass poisoning in human history. Minhaj and his team at Drinkwell are out to address this issue, at scale, and save millions of lives. In the process, Minhaj has learned a lot about how, when the rubber meets the road, your go-to-market strategies need to adapt and grow, sometimes in ways you could have never imagined. Doing this requires a delicate balance of flexibility and a ruthlessness. Please join us as we sit down with Minhaj to learn more.

Visit Drinkwell's website at http://drinkwellsystems.com/

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14 :: Isaac Baker + Ben Underwood, Resonant Energy

Ben and Isaac believe that in order to fight climate change, we need to bring more voices to the table. It can’t just be the wealthy advocating for a sustainable future, it needs to come from Americans across the socioeconomic spectrum. And that means bringing renewable energy to communities that are too poor or too high risk for traditional financing models. The finance mechanisms that have brought solar to homes across the country are designed for the wealthy and creditworthy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Please listen to hear about how Resonant Energy is changing the game by bringing the renewable energy revolution to more Americans.

Visit Resonant Energy's website at http://www.resonant.energy/

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13 :: Alex Piña, Avalanche Energy

Not every startup makes it. In fact, most don't. But we rarely hear those stories, stories of working long hours for many years, investing personal/family money, only to have it all end one day quietly and without fanfare. It's a tough truth of innovation that there are losers more often than winners - but it's those individuals who have struggled and failed that can teach us the most. And, most importantly, can show us that even though you may be down, it doesn't mean you are out - not by a long shot. Today we sit down with Alex Piña of Avalanche Energy.

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12 :: Sean Becker, Sparkplug Power

Clean energy generation and energy storage go together like peanut butter and jelly. Their combination presents an elegant solution to peak demand issues and an effective method to reduce energy costs. But you can’t just slap these technologies together and expect it to work out! It takes a lot of work to plan and pull off these projects, not to mention making sure stored energy gets deployed most efficiently. Listen up to hear Sean’s journey of starting Sparkplug power, a startup that tackles this sticky issue.

Visit Sparkplug Power's website at http://sparkplugpower.com/

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11 :: Declan Keefe, Placetailor

Can we make buildings that are better for the planet than doing nothing? When you build a home, you make an immediate and ongoing negative impact on the environment (relative to having done nothing, that is). Tune in to hear from Declan Keefe of Placetailor, a design and construction firm with a vision to do better. (Oh, their homes are also drop-dead gorgeous by the way.)

Visit Placetailor's website at http://www.placetailor.com/

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10 :: Christopher Micali + Joe Bamberg, Sense Labs

Data is the wave of the future when it comes to building efficiency. And none-too-soon: 40% of all of our energy in the U.S. is spent in buildings. In order to achieve a sustainable future, we need unique and informed approaches to reducing use in buildings. Enter Sense. Their product provides detailed information about how appliances and features of your house use energy - giving homeowners the tools they need to reduce use and save big bucks. Please join us as we sit down with Chris and Joe to hear more.

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09 :: Katherine MacDonald, Greentown Labs

Joe and Chloe first met Katie while she was Director of the Cleantech Open, a role that put her near the center of Boston’s cleantech ecosystem. Despite her demanding position, she made time to welcome each of us, wide-eyed new cleantech entrepreneurs, to the world of cleantech, as she’s done for dozens of self-starters before and since. Katie continues to work hard, now in her position as Director of Strategic Initiatives at Greentown Labs, to make the Northeast a welcoming, efficient, and effective place for talented people to realize their visions for a cleaner future.

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08 :: David Markley, Surge Hydro

More than 90% of existing dams in the U.S. don’t produce electricity.  What if someone could transform these facilities into reliable clean energy sources that wouldn’t harm the environment? Surge Hydro cofounders Nicholas Cabral and David Markley decided to tackle this problem head on by buying, restoring, and upgrading several hydroelectric dams in Maine. Join Joe and Chloe in their conversation with David Markley to hear the Surge Hydro story.

Visit their website at https://www.surgehydro.com/ to learn more.

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07 :: Ruben Mencos + Abel Jimenez, Proper Pipe

About 50% of the water destined to for Boston is lost between the reservoir and the city, and most of that loss occurs at pipe joints. Concerned about this hemorrhaging of a precious resource? Enter Proper Pipe. In order to solve many problems related to transporting liquids, we need not only better joints, but also a better way of testing the integrity of those joints. Ruben and Abel, the respective Founder/CEO and Business Development Manager of Proper Pipe, join us to tell their story.

Visit their website at http://www.properpipe-usa.com/ to learn more.

Twitter: @properpipe

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06 :: Vikram Aggarwal + Kimberly Le, EnergySage

So you want to install solar panels on your house or business. How do you choose which ones to buy? Do you lease them or purchase them outright? Do you want the “Cadillac” model or the “Camry” model? Wouldn’t it be helpful if somebody else did all your research for you and tell you which companies best matched your needs? Meet Vikram Aggarwal (Founder/CEO) and Kimberly Le (Network Partnerships Manager) of EnergySage. They’re here to help consumers navigate the solar market and gain a thorough understanding of the parameters that effect their solar panel purchases.

Visit their website at www.energysage.com/ to learn about the solar market or check out their solar calculator!

Twitter: @EnergySage

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05 :: Eric Graham, CrowdComfort

Eric Graham, founder and CEO of CrowdComfort, believes that walking into most buildings is like walking half a century back in time, technologically speaking. And this is by design - buildings need to last dozens of years, and are therefore built conservatively. But Eric has a vision to bring them into the 21st century, and it involves you, me, and those tiny computers in our pockets called smartphones. Eric wants to crowdsource collecting building data by turning humans into sensors. 

Visit http://crowdcomfort.com/ to learn more!

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04 :: Michael Harrington, Genoverde

Our cars are more efficient, our buildings are more efficient, but can our plants be more efficient too? Michael, founder and CEO of Genoverde thinks so. His company, spun out from UMass Amherst, bioengineers plants do more with less (and pull more carbon out of the air, too!). Join the Talk Clean Team as we explore Michael’s journey of growing a startup that grows better.

Visit www.genoverde.com/ to learn more!

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03 :: Marc Gammell + Yinyong Li, Treaty

Winter is coming... and that means foggy glasses and windshields for everybody. Luckily, Marc and Yinyong, the CEO and CTO of Treaty, are here with their product FogKicker, a biodegradable solution applied once a month to prevent foggy surfaces. Their current product is designed for underwater applications such as snorkeling, diving, and swimming –perfect for a midwinter escape to the Bahamas– but their landlubber model isn’t far behind. They sat down with us to talk about their plan for becoming a household name and the growing startup scene in central Massachusetts.

Visit treatyllc.com to try FogKicker for yourself and learn more about Treaty.

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BONUS :: Senthil Balasubramanian, Sistine Solar

Senthil is on a mission to see every roof in the US installed with solar panels. His weapon of choice? Design. Sistine Solar's custom solar panels come in any color and design, and therefore have near limitless potential to "make solar beautiful." Senthil and his co-founder Ido Salama started Sistine Solar because they believe that superior design will be crucial in unlocking the full potential of the solar industry. Senthil sat down to tell us all about it. Thank you for joining us, Senthil!

Visit www.sistinesolar.com to learn more and request a quote for their first product, SolarSkin, solar panels that match your roof!

Twitter: @sistinesolar

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02 :: Katy Hartman + Les Fritzemeier, Tessolar

This isn't your grandpa's solar array! The modern solar array design is over 30 years old, but Les and Katy, the CEO and CTO of Tessolar, are out to change the game. Their panel is the product of a holistic, systems level approach to optimizing the modern panel, from materials to setup. They sat down to tell us all about how to start a company with a vision to cut the cost of solar in half.

Visit www.tessolarinc.com to learn more.

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01 :: Jon Garrity, Tagup

We frequently hear about the internet of things (IoT), but a lot that has to happen before devices and appliances can seamlessly and meaningfully integrate with the web. Jon Garrity left GE to start his own business tackling an important part of the IoT puzzle, and one that has important ramifications for cleantech. Described as a "Facebook for sensors and devices," Tagup enables a simple an intuitive way for power and electric utility devices old and new to communicate with the web. Thank you for joining us, Jon!

Learn more at http://tagup.io/

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