14 :: Isaac Baker + Ben Underwood, Resonant Energy

Ben and Isaac believe that in order to fight climate change, we need to bring more voices to the table. It can’t just be the wealthy advocating for a sustainable future, it needs to come from Americans across the socioeconomic spectrum. And that means bringing renewable energy to communities that are too poor or too high risk for traditional financing models. The finance mechanisms that have brought solar to homes across the country are designed for the wealthy and creditworthy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Please listen to hear about how Resonant Energy is changing the game by bringing the renewable energy revolution to more Americans.

Visit Resonant Energy's website at http://www.resonant.energy/

From Resonant:

  • Resonant is proud to announce that they have recently raised capital, built a successful product, are near profitability, and are off to our next round of building and expanding to new urban areas.
  • Resonant Energy would like to give a special shout out to Co-op Power - a multi-class and multi-race consumer-owned cooperative that is building projects together. This partner was instrumental to their founding.
  • The Resonant team continues to grow and has created many great jobs for local community members - with more opportunities coming up every month!