Chloe Holzinger

Joe Caron

Co-Host + Visual Designer :: A Massachusetts native, Chloe returned to her hometown to join the thriving cleantech community. Her first job after finishing her masters at Duke was as a mechanical engineer for Open Water Power, which at the time was a Greentown Labs startup in Somerville and has since been acquired in a successful exit. Today Chloe works as an energy storage research associate at Lux Research and now interviews startup CEOs as part of her day job. With this podcast, Chloe wants to spotlight the diversity of people, ideas, and cultures in the cleantech startup community of Greater Boston.


Co-Host + Audio Editor :: Joe is passionate about passion. It gets him jazzed up being around the dreamers, go-getters, and self-starters of the world. He launched his first startup while pursuing a masters in materials science and engineering at Cornell, and fell head-over-heels for the cleantech startup sector and the amazing people in it. This podcast is a love-letter to cleantech as well as an invitation to aspiring entrepreneurs! Joe loves reading philosophy, crocheting, playing rugby, hiking, and playing lengthy, complicated board games. If he could have a superpower it would be to have infinite energy, so he could just keep doing fun things all day (like play board games that take 3 hours).

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