Chloe Holzinger

Joe Caron

Co-Host + Visual Designer :: Chloe read too many fairy tales with heroes, hobbits, and dragons as a child, and is determined to make a meaningful impact on the world. A native Bostonian, Chloe recently returned to her hometown to join its thriving cleantech community; she now designs, builds, and tests battery prototypes as a mechanical engineer at a Greentown Labs startup in Somerville. With this podcast, Chloe wants to spotlight the diversity of people, ideas, and cultures in the cleantech startup community of Greater Boston.


Co-Host + Audio Editor :: Joe is passionate about passion. It gets him jazzed up being around the dreamers, go-getters, and self-starters of the world. He launched his first startup while pursuing a masters in materials science and engineering at Cornell, and fell head-over-heels for the cleantech startup sector and the amazing people in it. This podcast is a love-letter to cleantech as well as an invitation to aspiring entrepreneurs! Joe loves reading philosophy, crocheting, playing rugby, hiking, and playing lengthy, complicated board games. If he could have a superpower it would be to have infinite energy, so he could just keep doing fun things all day (like play board games that take 3 hours).

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